1911 Stutsman Peanut Roaster Push Cart

Charming 1911 (Circa) R. O. Stutsman Peanut Roaster Push Cart. Restorable without a great deal of time or expense. That is to say no serious problems or missing items.

Cart has original paint except on right side w "Peanut King' has been painted. On left side it has the lovely old faded lettering "Fresh Roasted Peanuts." Mfg. name and address (Des Moines, Iowa) on the front in cast iron on the front of the burner unit. IT has four kerosene burners and from what I can see all parts are t The kerosene container was on a long pipe on the right hand side of the cart and it is broken off at the joint, but the joint is available at a hardware store. The kerosene container has rusted through on the bottom. The lid that closes over the peanuts is double tin and has rusted at the bottom edge w the steam hit it.

The top unit that is glass and shows the roasted peanuts is lop sided but can be pushed back into the groove and then it will fit perfectly. I almost did it myself a couple days ago without any type of tool or equipment. It has four wooden wheels and the left back has been broken loose from the axle - that is spokes are loose - they are not broken. It needs gluing.

One glass is missing from display top unit and I think a counter balance is missing from a mechanism on the left side.

The whole thing
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