Reasonable offers accepted. It's HEAVY! 150lb+
Seems to be in somewhat of a working condition. It just needs a little TLC. I do not know if any pieces are missing (except the Top Sign....it's missing!)
From what I learned in the tiny bit of research I did:
1912 - Model 1054 - Number - 1155797 Modern Style cabinet (no autograph window) Guarantee Card intact, glued under the drawer, and in very good condition. Rosettes do NOT spin! (that's a good thing) One Bill Holder Spring intact. Press down key operated. Total Adder. Wooden drawer base - Oak, opens and closes great. I do not have any key(s) for it, but every door/drawer opens.
NCR began as the National Manufacturing Co. in Dayton, Ohio, to build and sell the cash register, invented in 1879 by James Ritty. In 1884, the company was bought by John H. Patterson and his brother Frank Jefferson Patterson, who renamed the company National Cash Register.
Class 1000 - numbers from 1000 to 1099 Key and Drawer operated total adding machine These are sort of unique because they were built to beat out the American drawer operated machines.
They had a bronze or nickle cabinet and worked so well that NCR continued to build these with a flat metal cabinet well into the 40's.