1912 S Lincoln Cent XF

Welcome to Abraham’s Lincolns! This store specializes in rare and early Lincoln Wheat Cents. Most of the pennies I sell arefrom very fine to almost uncirculated condition. Although a collection of uncirculated coins would be a sight to behold, all of the coins would look the same. In my opinion, each circulated coin is unique in its history, condition, color, and luster making a collection much more interesting. In addition, a collection of uncirculated coins is cost prohibitive to the average collector. You will find that the coins in my store are of good quality but also affordable.

Grading of coins is a matter of opinion, so you need to be the judge of the condition of the coins in my store and how much they are worth to you. I do not clean or alter my coins in any way. With few exceptions, foreign material that is on the coin when I receive it remains there. I strive to take the best pictures as possible so you know exactly what you are buying.

Payment instructions: Payment accepted via PayPal only. The shipping cost is $1.99 via USPS First Class mail. With the purchase of 2 or more coins the shipping fee is waived. In addition, repeat customers qualify for free shipping on this and any future purchases.

Refund Policy: There is a fourteen (14) day return policy starting from date I ship the coin, but
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