1912 Little Rock High School Yearbook The Cage Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock High School, Little Rock Arkansas

“The Cage”Yearbook – 1912

102 years old and shows it, although it’s been hiding in a cedar chest most of those years. Its owner carried it on her migration to California in the ‘20s. She was far from careless, so whatever stained the pages must have devastated her. The photos show the worst of the damage from the frontice piece through a typical page about halfway through where the stain is still present but less visible. There are no other marks except for one light pencil line on one of the pages.

I acknowledge the damage but hope there is someone out there who would love to have this wonderful yearbook. I’m sorry but I am not accepting returns because I don’t want to just be sending it back and forth “for inspection” and the handling that goes with it. I want this book to have a good home with someone who will value the photographs and the messages of our culture during a much different era in America. If that's you, thank you in advance.

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Shipping to lower 48 states only. No combined shipments.