1912 T207 Recruit Cigars: IVAN OLSON "Cleveland" VG Tobacco Card

Card details: Please see the scans and the title for details pertaining to the card in this auction. If you have any questions, see the link below to be able to contact me. I will respond as soon as possible.




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I do ship to CANADA, but the shipping cost is whatever it costs to do so. The default amount will be 6$. If it is more than what it costs me, then I will refund you whatever money I do not use.

If there are shipping costs listed, and you purchase multiple cards, you will only have to pay whatever the highest shipping amount is. All the other shipping costs will be combined, and will be discounted. (i.e. You purchase 6 items, 1 with shipping cost of $2.50, the others with cost of $1.64, your shipping cost will be $2.50). Most of the time shipping costs will be free.

As I mentioned, most of the time, shipping is free ! If you send a payment, and purchase another card a day later - those are two separate transactions, and you will still not have to pay anything for shipping, since all my items come with free shipping...

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