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Description: Check out this unsearched mixed roll of Wheat Pennies with a 1913 S semi Key wheat penny on one end and a 1912 D wheat penny on the other. See the pictures and judge for yourself. Take a look at my 100% rating and feedback and see what others have said after more than 2 years of selling. I DO COMBINE SHIPPING DO PLEASE WAIT FOR THE INVOICE BEFORE PAYING. Thank you for looking and bidding and GOOD LUCK.
.This is one of many i received from my grandfather in the late 50's or from a bank.I have hundreds of rolls and opened many over the years which have a lot of early wheat and Indian Head pennies with some mint marks dating from the teens ,20,s 30,s some 40,s and 50,s. I have been buying hundreds of rolls since the late 50's to 60's plus all the coins he gave me. I am into silver coins and have not done a lot with the pennies. I do have full sets of all coins in the bank plus all the rolls .I have MS and at 70 it is time to sell my entire collection since my kids and grand kids seem to have no interest in them. I will be selling my entire collection over the next year. I will be pulling some each week out of the bank and put them on eBay. Thanks for looking and good luck Ken I cannot offer returns since i do not know what is in them

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