1913 Buffalo Nickel. Type 2

1913 Buffalo Nickel. Type 2. PCGS graded Proof 65. A spotless platinum color gem. Proof coins of the Indian head/buffalo nickel type were struck for sale to collectors from 1913 through 1916 and again in 1936 and 1937 The Proof five-cent pieces of 1913-16 are normally referred to as `matte` Proofs, but this term is deceptive. True matte Proofs have a dull, almost dead finish completely dissimilar to the surfaces of normal circulation strikes, and this technique of Proofing was used by the Mint exclusively for its gold coinage of 1908 and 1911-15, as well as for isolated issues of later years that were not sold publicly (commemorative half dollars). The Proof nickels of 1913-16, like the cents of those years, actually possess a wonderful satin finish. This varies in texture slightly from one date to the next and even within a single year`s coinage. When found pristine, like the 1913 Type 2 offered in this lot, these coins are extremely beautiful and visibly distinctive from currency strikes (PCGS # 3990).