1913 Murdoch Loose Coupler, crystal radio set

1913 Wm. J. Murdock Loose Coupler in great shape. The fixed coil is original and tight, the sliding coil has been rewound with EXACT replacement silk covered wire in the same exact original color, with all taps properly connected. It looks terrific as you can see in the photos and really displays beautifully.

Other than a few minor small dings to the wood base, which clearly show in the flash photos, the base is in excellent shape. This loose coupler is 95 years old. Minor wear is natural.

T is a chip out of the rear bakelite coil form at the top front that I took a flash pic close-up of, that's been reglued back in and doesn't show unless you're either looking for it or taking close-up flash pics of it. No chips otherwise, no cracks, this is a working loose coupler. I don't have to tell you that these are very scarce items and you're not likely to find a nicer looking one.

I pack really well, read the comments from my buyers if you have any doubts, and the package has to take a truly major hit to wreck the item inside.
I don't take returns. An auction is an auction. I represent my items as plainly as my camera and the English language will let me. On several occasions I have messed up and made good to the buyers, and everyone was happy, so fear not. Outside of that rare event, I expect you to ask questions
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