1914 CHINESE Silver Trade Dollar "FAT MAN" YUAN SHI KAI

EARLY GENUINE circulated 1914 (year 3 after the start of the Republic of China's Birth in 1911) Silver "Fat Man" Chinese Trade Dollar. $3 shipping in the USA. Foreign bidders pay according to location.

The Yuan Shi Kai silver dollar coin is one of the most commonly found Chinese silver dollar around the world, but paradoxically, there is few accurate information available about in English. Called 袁大头 in China (literaly “Yuan [Shi Kai] big head”), and “ Fatman dollar ” in the United States, this coin was designed to put an end to the chaotic state of the Chinese monetary system and further the political agenda of Yuan Shi Kai , who had just taken over the function of President of the newly born Republic of China .

Introduced for Christmas 1914, the Yuan Shi Kai silver dollar had a standardized purity (0.89000 silver) and weight (26.4000g, .7555 oz ASW). Like the previous central imperial issues, this new currency would have to compete against the chinese silver dollars already in circulation, foreign trade dollars , and resistance from provinces using primarily copper currency or paper money. The introduction of the Yuan Shi Kai dollar coincided with the withdrawal and melting of about 280 million dragon dollars . The remaining dragon dollars, whose fineness was not always up to the standard, could be exchanged free
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