1914 Indian head gold $5.00 dollar Half eagle Coin NR

I now ship internationally

I recently went to the largest coin show in the United states. The orlando fun show has over 2,000 dealers from all over the country. I personnally cherry pick some of the best gold coins at the show. I bought 32 gold coins and will be having them for sale for the next 2 weeks.

Half eagle - This auction is for a 1914 Half eagle gold coin. This 1914 Semi-key Pristine Half eagle has clean fields and breathtaking detailing. With only 247,000 minted.....finding the coin in this kind of condition is unheard of. Look and judge for youself.

My gold coins - I have collected and studied gold coins for the past 10 years and feel that I have the knowledge to pick out the most Pristine gold coins and valuable ones. I pay more for my coins so you will receive more when it comes time to sell .

Grading - Grading is subjective and I don't offer my opinion on the grading of a coin. However I do know what the Professionals at PCGS and NGC (The two most respected grading companies) look for in grading gold coins and only buy the ones that fit their high standards.

Photos - Please inspect my photos and notice the breathtaking detailing on both the obverse and revese side. I use a scanner at 1200 resolution so that no small nick is not noticed.

Gold Content - .24 ounces
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