Up for auction is an antique calendar plate depicting Betsy Ross sewing the first American flag. The back of the plate is hallmarked by The D.E.McNicol Pottery Company East Liverpool, Ohio. D.E. McNicol was located in the city once known as the "Pottery Capital of the World", East Liverpool, Ohio from 1892 through the1920's. At its peak, East Liverpool produced more than half of the United States's annual ceramics output.

This lovely example of an "advertising giveaway" illustrates a patriotic historical event decal affixed to the plate underneath a glaze. The image shows Ross sewing the infamous five-pointed star on America's first flag. She was commissioned to do so by members of the Continental Congress which included George Washington. During the Christmas season, local businesses gave away plates such as this as promotional gifts to their customers. This 1914 Ross plate came compliments of T.P Yager, Inc. Cross Keys and Penn Laird. We were able to find out that in 1897, T.P. Yager was a secretary at the Cross Keys Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Virginia. Yager must have subsequently incorporated by 1914.

Measuring 8 1/4" in diameter with a scalloped edge, this well used plate has most of its gold trim worn off, but the months of the year are still very clear. The Betsy Ross center
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