1914 Pennsylvania porcelain License Plate Tag Vintage Antique Ford Chevy Dodge

Please Look at all the pictures, please. As seen in the pictures. There is never ever a "Buy it now". I always combine shipping, if you wait for my combined invoice BEFORE you pay. Not cleaned. I may use various words, towns, or descriptions in the title to help people find my plates but they are just the license plates as seen. If you wonder if they apply to your situation, please ask before bidding. These plates are part of 3 tons of plates collected by a 93 year old man. Born in 1923, he started as a child then began in earnest to collect in the 1930's. He actually put an ad in magazines to trade his Missouri plates for other states. By the 1940's, he gathered lots more by purchase. Some prices are recorded and were really inexpensive. Many are wrapped in period newspapers and some are in original shipping boxes. He wained in the 50s and virtually quit in the 1960's. His mind is now failing him and I work with his son. I am a family friend, helping to sell these. I do make a percentage per item. So far, it's killing me but going well.The biggest problem is the nice condition of many of these licenses. Some obviously show their age but others are too nice to believe. These better ones have been sold to top collectors who have verified their authenticity. Some have suggested maybe these have been repainted but they are all outstanding
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