1915 Lusitania Sinking Medal.Cast BRITISH COPY By Karl Goetz Kienast 5-5-1915

This medal information was obtained from the internet and should be verified before bidding. It has been on the property for generations. If you have any question please ask, if you would like additional photos please ask. PLEASE research this coin it is a copy**
(BRITISH COPY OF GERMANY. 1915 Lusitania Sinking Medal. Bronze cast, 56.9mm. By Karl Goetz. Kienast 156). Obv. Cunard liner sinking by the stern, loaded with contraband weaponry, German legend KEINE BANN WARE!, No Contraband , 5-line exergue inscription records sinking by a German torpedo boat on 7 MAI 1917 . Rev. Death sells tickets despite German Embassy warning, Business before All . No more controversial medal was created in modern times. The first examples bore an error date of May 5, providing the British Admiralty with “proof” that the sinking was premeditated. Thousands of copies were cast in Iron for worldwide distribution with the error date. Originals are greatly sought after by today’s collectors but the supply is severely limited, as the German Admiralty angrily forbade further casting by medalist Goetz. This medal shows K G on the rim NOT K GOETZ at 6:00