1915 On War Service Badge WITH Certificate / Name

Offered is a "On War Service" Badge 1915 complete with Certificate of Issue - the first I've seen. The badge itself is made of brass and in fine condition with no significant dings, dents or scrapes. It was made by Woolley & Co (BIRM) Ltd, as stamped on the back of the badge. The badge and certificate are to Walter Spencer, an employee of Thomas Glover & Company Ltd, and bears the stamped signature of Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister. The certificate bears the same number as the badge: 38171.

Also included with this auction is a 1923-dated Contribution Card for the National Union of Sheet Metal Works and Braziers to the same Walter Spencer showing, among details of union contributions, that he entered the union in 1902, which would make him, at a minimum, at least 30 years of age when war began in 1914, too old for call up to the flag and service in the army.

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