1915 Phoenix Race Results Document Stutz Duesenberg

original handwritten sheet , 8.5 x 11 , corner of page torn off, 3 file holes at edge , this item was created in 1915 at the end of the race by a newspaper journalist . He attended hundreds of races around the US in the teens and 1920's and wrote newspaper articles on automobile races . This document lists all the drivers , cars that they drove , their ranking , time elapsed , top speed and other pertinent information , car break downs , accidents etc. Includes Cooper , Waterman , Haibe , Durant , Reeves , Oldfield , Delno , Stutz , Overland , Apperson , Dusenberg , National , Fiat etc. This is a one of a kind historical item. This original document was acquired from the collection of Floyd Clymer, Los Angeles, California. Floyd Clymer used this item as research material for his racing books.

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