1915 PM1 Ornate Frame Pin Al Demaree UNCATALOGED

NEWLY DISCOVERED 1915 PM1 Ornate Frame Pins Al Demaree (brown hat version) He shared a pitching rotation with Mathewson, Marquard, Rixey and Alexander during his years in New York and Philly. Until this pin's recent discovery, this variation of Al Demaree was unknown to the hobby.
The discovery of this pins sheds a small beam of light upon an issue that still remains largely shrouded in mystery. Though it has been established that these Ornate-frame Pins date to 1915, the identity of the original issuer and the mode of distribution remain an enigma. This adds another Al Demaree variation to the known roster of PM1's, providing the hobby with its first look at this Demaree model. These were originally attached to a 2x2" card that said "price 10 cents each". The only previously known Demaree pin is shown in photo #3 above.
Those few hobbyists who have met with this rare issue are well aware that condition problems are accepted as an inevitability when collecting PM1's, with oxidation and damage to the delicate metal frame and scratching of the central image present on essentially all existing specimens. This pin has no damage to the delicate metal frame at all.

These pins are one of the most distinctive and popular of all early baseball pin issues. Sometimes referred to as the "fancy border pin set," PM1s are designed
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