Hardcover (soft canvas type with design) and gold gilt writing in circle which reads: The Ghosts of My Friends. Inside pages are graphic design with gold gilt highlights. Reads: DIRECTIONS. Sign your name along the fold of the paper with a full pen of ink, and then double the page over without using blotting paper. Really cool! T is a litho of The Ghost of James Robinson and has signature above. Then, t is stapled pages with printing on top: Date _____, and below reads: Name _____. T are a total of 66 pages, of which t are autograph signatures on 42 pages. The dates of the signatures range from 1910 (maybe 1905 -- can't tell for sure) to 1952 (mostly in the early 1900's -- 1910, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1923, 1924, 1930, 1932, etc.). Some of the names are: T.B. Brush, Mary E. Syster (she was a woman who settled in Idaho in the late 1800's and she and her husband lived at Clear Lakes and ran the Syster Fairy on the Snake River) (she later married a gentleman by the name of Brusch or Brush I believe--not certain); Furman F. Frisbie; Frances Frisbie; Helen Kingston; Nell Grosse; Garth Brush; Phyllis Ellen Brush; Theo. B. Brush; Area ? McMahon; Dora A. Wilson; Helen Wastell; Gladys Anderson; Gertrude Denecke; Violet Dille; Helen Lockwood - Casper; Lucile Allen; Margaret Johnson; Anna E. Feuton; Bessie Griffin; Jennie Bishop; Tuss E. McMahon;

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