1915S Buffalo Nickel 1915 S - Partial Horn - Natural - Tough Date - DR1

1915S Buffalo Nickel - With a Par tial Horn, a Clear Date and Lettering and a Natural Color and Surface; Tough date to find - DR1

I Do Not Clean or Chemically Alter the Coins That I Have; they are what they are.

As always, if you receive this coin and are not satisfied, you can return it to me for a full refund. Thanks, Dennis

I rotated the coin and light and tried to provide severalpictures so that you can see this coin from multiple perspectives rather than from one optimal photo.

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Grading coins can be very subjective so you need to be the judge of the condition of the coin and how much it is worth to you. I do not clean or alter my coins in any way. With few exceptions, foreign material that is on the coin when I receive it, stays on the coin. These pictures were taken at +20X to +100X magnification . This level of magnification produces much greater detail than what most of us are accustom to in using a typical 5X, 10X or even a 16X coin loupe so small marks appear much more significant. To get a feel for this, hold a penny next to this image on your computer screen and you will see what I mean. Because of this magnification, most coins will actually look
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