I have something that probably belongs in the archives at the University of Oregon. It is a VERY LARGE ONE OF A KIND Scrap book by a student who was on the track team and what you see pictured are his actual numbers when running. I have hundreds of photographs and hundreds of rare items in this album. These are ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the sporting and war events of that time period. I have signatures of the football team from 1916-1917 including then TRAINER HAYWARD! (However, I think the owner of this book signed their names to identify them is my guess.) This stuff is really RARE. Whoever is interested would want to come to my town in Keizer, OR to look at the whole collection. It really is a ONE OF A KIND FIND!!!!
I would invite you to notify the school or Phil Knight or someone who would appreciate such a collection so it can go in a museum. Please pass the word along. MY price is negotiable but I had to start some where for stuff nobody else has at all!!!!!!!!
There are 6 pages with names and contact information. There are 27 football pictures. There are 488 pictures with about 10 postcards and some other clippings as well as some local events. There are 98 heavy cardboard like paper pages and both inside covers with photos on them to equally 100 pages filled with history. Some pages are of sporting events and some are
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