1916 25C AU58 Full Head NGC

1916 25C AU58 Full Head NGC. The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter is a popular coin in any grade, from dateless Poor 1 to the highest Mint State grades. (Even dateless examples can be picked out by collectors cognizant of the distinguishing characteristics of the issue.) With the increased collecting of Full Head specimens, collectors have also become aware of the unusual strike attributes of the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter. Even AU55 and AU58 examples can sometimes meet the criteria for Full Head certification, providing a viable alternative to Mint State Full Head pieces, which are much more pricey and, of course, less available in any case. The fields and high points of the devices on this piece only show slight thinning of the mint luster -- a small difference between this and a technically Uncirculated coin. Both obverse and reverse display pronounced mattelike granularity, and there are no mentionable marks on either side.
From The Dustinn (Dusty) Lee Gibson Collection. Grade: 58, Service: NGC, Service No.: 5705, Issue Date: 1916, Denomination: 25C, Variety: STANDING