Rare 1916 Dated SHAPLEIGH Lockback Pocket Knife

See the photos of this very nice old pocketknife with honeycomb colored bone handles. The whole thing opened is about 8 5/8 inches. The blade has some pitting but has been used VERY little and still has engraving on it that reads DIAMOND EDGE. On the tang is SHAPLEIGH DE HDW CO. It also has patent dates of 1909, 1910 and 1916. At one time, t was a long, thin metal device inside the knife that caused it to open in such a way that a one-handed person could open it. It is no longer with the knife. You'll note in the photos that t are two chips in one of the beautiful bone handles. I have no idea of the value of this knife but I'm betting it is rare.100% original and genuine in every way. PLEASE do not bid if unable to pay or send payment within 3 days. Shipping, handling and insurance in the US is $8.50, foreign is more. We also accept PAYPAL! (All orders shipped outside the U.S. MUST be paid for through Paypal.) For U.S. orders, we also accept checks. Be sure to see our other auctions as we always have lots of neat stuff to sell!