1916 Easter Rising Irish Medal Collection Framed

A beautifully framed set of the replica 1916 medal & the1966 Survivors Medal.
This set comes framed with moulded medal replicas and
detailed descriptions.
This unique collection is a must for the History enthusiast.

Dimensions: 14" in length, 10 1/4" in width.

The 1916 Medal

The 1916 medal was issued to all those who took part in the 1916 Easter rising. These medals were not issued until January 24th 1942 (26 years after the rising). The medal features a reproduction of the statue of Cuchulainn erected in the G.P.O Dublin by the famous sculpter "Oliver sheppard" and has become a symbol of the fight for irish freedom.

The 1916 Survivors Medal

The 1916 survivors medal was issued to all those surviving veterans of "the 1916 Easter rising" and holders of the 1916 medal during the 50th anniversary celebrations in 1966. The medal design is identical to the front of the 1916 medal and the only notable difference to the medal is the ribbon and the colour of the medal. Due to the time span involved t w far fewer of these medals issued and the originals are quite rare.

Easter Rising 1916

The Easter Rising (Irish: Éirí Amach na Cásca ) was a militarily unsuccessful rebellion staged in Ireland against British rule on Easter Monday in April 1916. Nevertheless, despite
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