1916 Glendale Antique Wood/Gas Cast Iron stove

1916 Antique wood /gas stove Glendale 36

Location of pickup: Utica, NY 13502

I have very limited knowledge of this stove except that last I knew it was working. The stove was in my parents home when they purchased the house back in 1969, and my father spent countless of hours in the basement working on projects, and he used this stove to heat the basement. It was used up to 1995 when they moved out and rented out the property, so the gas line has been disconnected ever since and has not been tested.

I am selling the property so You must pickup up before May 1st since we will be closing on the house very soon. It is in the basement and t is a door to the outside but bringing it up the stairs to the outside will be challenge so please bring the necessary manpower and tools. It is very heavy and when you pick up my sister will be t and will not be able to assist you.

I did not take the time to clean it but will be beautiful when restored. A couple of the knobs are missing and the pics are basically what you get. If you have questions please let me know and I will try to get answers for you. I am no antique specialist nor do I have any kind of knowledge of stoves so you will have to either rely on the pics or if you live in the area we will certainly be happy to show it to you. Please email me and we can
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