1917 General John PERSHING Ft Sam Houston (PANCHO VILLA

Original War Department General Orders, No. 30, February 21, 1917, "By direction of the President, Maj. Gen. John J. Pershing, United States Army, is assigned to the command of the Southern Department, and will proceed to Fort Sam Houston, Tex., and assume command of that department. The travel directed is necessary in the military service."

Signed in type by Hugh L. Scott, Major General, Chief of Staff; attest by H. P. McCain, Adjutant General. The remainder of the Order pertains to the Ordnance Department in the Coast Defenses at San Diego.

Single sheet, printed one-side only. Removed from bound volume of general orders, with typical binding stab-holes and roughness/chipping at edge. Paper quite fresh, crisp and clean.


From the website of Arlington National Cemetery:

"In 1913, General Huerta had siezed the reins of the Mexican government. The United States refused to recognize the new government and diplomatic relations were severed. General Pershing, about to sail for home after four years of service in the Philippines, applied to the War Department for assignment to active service in the event of hostilities with Mexico. When Pershing arrived in Honolulu on 20 December 1913, he received orders to report to the 8th Brigade at San Francisco, the first Brigade on
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