As we continue our travels around Italy searching for special treasures to bring to you on Ebay, we are always looking for one of our favorite discoveries - Italian Hand Painted Ex-Votos. We view them as one of the most beautiful and fascinating of the Italian Religious Art Forms. As we travel and collect these painted ex-votos we are always captivated by the different artistic styles which originate from the local artists from the different regions of Italy. This week we are very pleased to present four fabulous Painted Ex-votos for you. Please check our other Auctions.

IN THIS AUCTION we are pleased to offer a framed Italian Painted Ex-Voto from 1917. The Italian Soldier, Domenico Rosso offers his prayers to Jesus on the Cross and to the Madonna and Child. On bended knee, with hands clasped in prayer we see our World War I soldier praying - perhaps for the end of that terrible war. The images of the kneeling soldier, the barren setting, and the ominous gray dust all contribute to the haunting quality that is exhibited in this wonderfully painted watercolor. Both of the icons appear to be cut out printed images which have been placed on the painting. The G.R. stands for Grazie Ricevute which means to "Give Thanks for Favors or Miracles Received". Remember, that these Ex-Voto offerings were always made after the prayers had

In case this is the first time you are checking with us, we are Americans currently living and traveling in Italy searching for unique items which are designed and created in Italy to present to you on Ebay. Please check our other Auctions for an elaborate 1800's Monstrance, Chalice & Patten, Ciborium, Sanctuary Lamp, Church Thurible, Priest's Sacramental Oil kit, more Painted Ex-Votos, Stunning Priest Vestments and many more fabulous treasures from Italy. We always COMBINE SHIPPING for multiple items whenever possible. We are shopping for you, we save you the cost of Airfare. Best of luck, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions prior to bidding. We are italycallingyou.

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