1917 National Park Portfolio

Up for bid is a 1917 US National Park Portfolio form the Dept of The Interior. The package contains 10ea, 23-30+ page booklets of Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, Mount Ranier, Crater Lake, Mesa Verde, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Hot Springs Arkansas (with other sections; Muir Woods, Sullys Hill, Montezuma Castle, Devils Tower, Lewis & Clark Cavern and more), Grand Canyon National Parks.

Each booklet has many photos of each National Park and monuments. The Mount Ranier booklet has a loose, separate, original hand written letter from 1928 that reads;

" Mt Ranie r Dec 1928 T is set aside in M.R.N.P., certain wilderness areas to be kept in wilderness condition. Accessible only by foot or horseback. Roads forbidden.

Only camps made by individual vacationists will be allowed. To include, all of territory of M.R.N.P. lying N of Berry Peak, Ipsut Pass, Spray Park, Mystic Lake and Yakima peak and the areas known as Klafatche(sp)Park and St. Andrews Park and Indian Henrys hunting ground.

These last three located in S.W. part of park & famous for luxuriant & unusual wildflowers

Per American Forests & Forest Life Dec 1928"

The letter is not signed, but by it's content, it appears to have been written by a park or Interior Dept representative. I do not know if it was actually
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