1917 University of Illinois ROTC Sword

This is a 1917 University of Illinois ROTC Sword issued to my Grandfather while in his senior year t Manufactured by the Jacob Reeds Sons Company in Philadelphia, PA. The sword has remained in its scabbard and the whole ensemble in a fabric covering for close to 80 years. The blade is perfectly straight and etched with "University of Illinois", the American Eagle and other figures representative of militaria. I have not used any polishes to clean it up so as not to remove any original metal. I only took a dry cloth to wipe down any fingerprints and residual skin oils that might be on it. T is some light metal tarnishing on it that can be easily removed with cleaner but I will leave that up to the buyer. The fabric cover is somewhat stained and timeworn and the drawstrings are delicate. I wish I could pad this with more information but then I would only be B.S.ing. I had this appraised at $125.00 at an antique dealer. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. Thank you.