1918-24 Amundsen Expeditions FOUR commem. postcards with POLHAVET datestamps

Very interesting group of four postcards showing various frankings tied by the POLHAVET datestamp, both machine and hand cancellations, and including proof strikes on small pieces. One card is franked with stamps of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and one card was unfranked, receiving a Great Britain 1d Postage Due stamp on arrival. I have scanned both sides of the cards.

"In 1918, Amundsen began an expedition with a new ship Maud, which was to last until 1925. Maud sailed West to East through the Northeast Passage, now called the Northern Route (1918–1920)." "With him on this expedition were Oscar Wisting and Helmer Hanssen, both of whom had been part of the team to reach the South Pole. In addition, Henrik Lindstrøm was included as a cook. He suffered a stroke and was so physically reduced that he could not participate." "The goal of the expedition was to explore the unknown areas of the Arctic Ocean, strongly inspired by Fridtjof Nansen's earlier expedition with Fram. The plan was to sail along the coast of Siberia and go into the ice farther to the north and east than Nansen had. In contrast to Amundsen's earlier expeditions, this was expected to yield more material from academic research, and he carried the geophysicist Harald Sverdrup on board." "The voyage was to the northeasterly direction over the Kara Sea. Amundsen
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