1918 Stromberg Carlson cone speaker for tube radio

A Stromberg Carlson code no. 5-A patented July 2, 1918 large floor standing cone speaker that measures over 34" tall, 22" wide and has a 15" cone that is dish shaped with an additional bend backward at the perimeter. The red paper cone is in great shape and appears to be more recent that the speaker itself. I found this with other vintage and antique radio stuff in Louisville Ky. a few years ago. I have played this on my Radiola 18 and it sounds way better than I hoped.The wires for the speaker connection are newer as it would have had the cloth covered wire with nickle plated pin connectors. The large wood ring has a hinge pin and tilts on the tripod stand, the finish on this ring is very old and has checked some with age, I have not attempted to clean this so I will leave that up to you. A careful wet sanding with 1500 grit wet or dry and some mineral spirits will bring back the shine while maintaining the original finish. The 3 legged stand has not suffered the crazing to the same extent as the ring and shows minor signs of being moved about for almost ninety years. Pick up for this item is recomended, but if you insist upon me shipping it to you I will send it in 2 boxes, one for the stand and one for the cone section to keep them from destroying each other and to avoid the unreasonable oversize package charges that can be 50 ... read more