1919 royal sunbeam golden model bicycle

This is a 1919 royal sunbeam golden model bicycle which at the period time this was the rolls Royce bicycle to have. It has a two speed gear mechanism which is the epicyclic reduction in the bottom bracket controlled by the rare two speed trigger on the cross bar. There is a locking mechanism on the steering stem . The handle bars are the originals with a period lucas brass bell in working order. The bike is all 100% original and complete and in perfect working order and I have been riding this for the past two months and I have had no problems and it just rides really smoothly. The bike is 26" frame and 28" wheels. The paint on the bike is in really good condition for being neally 100 years old especially the oil bath chain guard which is apart of the frame becuase of the two speed mechanism probably. The pedals on the bike are original sunbeam pedals which in really good condition and the saddle bracket is original the bike but the leather has been replaced by brooks then selves becuase the original leather was to far gone. Atleast 80% of the yellow paint which is believed to be 24k gold is still visible on the bike including the head badge. I can arrange courier in mainland at £23.50. Having some advice and research on the age of the bike appears that this is approximately 1924 to 1925. Researching the bike earlier this week i ... read more