Old 1920 6V Magnetic Auto Car Trouble Light With Case

This is a vintage portable emergency light to carry in automobiles from the early days when cars were very unreliable, probably about 1920. It comes in a steel case, well decorated, and in good condition. Some of the printing is rubbed, per pictures, but most is in good shape. It was manufactured by the Trova Motor Products Co of St Louis Mo, The Light With the Magnet Grip. Has a very long twisted cord as used in 1920, with two early style alligator clips. The lamp has a wire guard, and a strong magnet to hold the light in place. The magnet unfortunately has lost its magnetism over the years. The cord wraps around the lamp, and the whole thing fits neatly into the metal case, which measures about 2 5/8" by 2 5/8" by 4". The lamp and cord are in such good condition that I think this lamp sat around in some car, but was never actually used, or used very little. as the cord looks pretty much like new, and these cloth cords would soil easily. In the 20's every auto trip was likely to have a breakdown, and motorists carried lights like this so they could do emergency repairs at night. You would clip the leads to the battery terminals of the car. I dont have a suitable battery to test the lamp, but at worst it might need a new bulb, although visually the filament seems ok. The case would clean up somewhat, but I would leave that to the ... read more