1920 Antique Diamond ring vintage wedding 14k Pure Gold

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All our auctions are Final sales with no returns...Due to the fact we are actually selling at penny starts and absolute auctions...loss or profit...we have to sell everything! Our employer Gaines503sun is toosick to work and her husband hasasked us to sell everything reguardless tokeep up medical bills and regular household bills while she recovers!...At the rate we are going....well be for about 900 more auctions...which we are slow and have only been able to post 30 to 60 auctions aweek...But please remember...we are raising funds...so this is not a returnable item....Unless we make a error...Like wrong size or carat or somthing like that...which we are human and new at this...so we know errors can happen and have happened in the past..so this is not aproblem if we make aerror...we do take care of you right!

Item Description

Antique White Gold 14k and Platinim Diamond Ring

Small Diamond...but with this classic design and age...who cares

I would rather be given aring likethis to pass down to future generations

Then to give some goddy busy bling
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