This is a very rare STANDARD Gauge DELKER HELIX... I was told Lionel had Delker make them for window displays around New York City in the 1910's or 1920's.. PLEASE go to YOU TUBE and type in DELKER HELIX and you can watch the video of what one looks like all put together and running.. It is really NICE... As for the one I am selling here.. I believe it is all complete.. It consists of 28 pieces of curved track,, 2 straights, , 20 backets and all the screws and nuts to put it together...As for the condition, there is some rust on it and lots of paint loss.. BUT NONE of the piece have any structural damage.. This could really be an AWESOME thing to build a layout around .. , PLEASE, PLEASE see the picture's and PLEASE GO to YOUTUBE and type in DELKER HELIX to see it all set up.. and email me any questions or comments ,, ,, .... It is VERY Heavy , weighs over 50 pounds so please allow $70.00 for shipping and full insurance. If you live on the west coast or somewhat close to Oregon I will make the shipping less... If you decide to bid , PLEASE be sure this is something you want . A return on something this heavy only profits shipping companies.... AGAIN Please email me any questions.. Thank you.