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dated from 88 years ago in 1920 - very well saved Real Photo AZO Postcard representing the Gen. Barnard E. Bee (original old wooden marker) w he fell in the Battle for Manassas - shows real image of Civil War Veteran and 'daughter of the confederacy' along with the Texas flag in honor of Gen. Bee - in this real photo image - you can actually read the wood marker of him being killed in July - Card has additional caption on the reverse in regards of the Manassas Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy - and the name Isabelle Hutchison - who I believe is the young woman on the front with the Veteran - AZO postcards are from the 1920 era when 2 triangles point up and 2 point down in the corner on the reverse w you place your postage - This card has not been postmarked - very good + solid condition - Quite scarce - thanx as always - Good luck *
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