is a nice vintage early 1920s crystal radio set built by H. C. P. Ltd. of London. This is

your rare chance to buy an original, commercially built crystal radio from the early days of

radio and the BBC. The top bakelite panel features the cat whisker detector, tuning knob,

antenna connector "A", ground connector "E" and two pairs of earphone connectors "TEL".

The oak case houses a large coil with a large variable capacitor mounted inside the coil.

This radio is in very good condition and is complete except for one thumb nut on one of

the earphone terminals. The case has its original shiny finish. Part of the original BBC decal is

still on the front of the radio. This decal reads "BBC - TYPE APPROVED BY THE POSTMASTER

GENERAL". This radio is in working condition but may require cleaning of some of the

contacts for best performance. Since it is vintage and used I am selling it as is. I have described

it as honestly and accurately as possible. Please email any questions. The shipping weight will

be about 5 pounds. Buyer will only be responsible for the actual shipping charges. Insurance is required.

The winning bidder will be sent an email invoice. Payment must be received within 10 days of the

end of the auction. This item will be
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