1920s Antique Waterfall 5 Piece Bedroom Set - NR

we have an absolutely beautiful and wonderfully detailed Waterfall Bedroom Set, a total of 5 seperate pieces to include:
> Full Size Bed
> Armoir
> Vanity and Mirrors
> Vanity Chair
> Dresser and Mirror
Pictures Below
Also please note - you are welcome to include the box spring and mattress at no extra cost, if you would like them - they go as a set - free. I am not sure of the exact age, but we have been told by the antique dealer w we bought it a few years back that the markings and glass etchings suggest that it is a 1920's set.
As with any antique, we cannot say that the set is flawless - but the pictures will show you everything you need to know. T is no major damage like scratches or cup rings, nothing like that, but on the dresser a few small gold glass etchings are loose - shown in the pictures below, the simple fix according to our local dealer - dab some gold sparkle paint over the exposed white area and it is as good as new, a common fix for Waterfall antiques according to the dealer. The glass etchings are still t of course and you could also get those replicated if you want - your decision.
As far as Waterfall sets go, this one is a DIAMOND - rarely used over the past few years, mostly as decor in our spare bedroom.
We are not antique dealers, we are moving out
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