RARE! 1920's Army Navy #303 Playing Cards Joker Full

RARE! 1920's Army Navy #303 Playing Cards Complete full deck

This is a very rare and hard to find deck of cards!

The red with gold lettering box shows wear, but The cards do not look as if they were ever played with. Clean, no stains or bent cards.

Complete full deck with joker!

Has one blank card in the deck also

I just received this below info from a knowledgeable source.

Although we don't collect standard decks ourselves, we have some documentation on North American playing cards, so there is something I can tell you about the history of these decks. In 1881 the Russell, Morgan & Co began the production of playing cards in the US in Cincinnati. One of their earliest brands were the 202 Sportsman, the 303 Army and the 303 Navy deck. After merges and take-overs the company produced their cards under the name U.S. Playing Cards Company (USPCC) since 1894. The 202 Sportsman decks have had a few different aces and jokers between 1881 and c1925. Around 1900 the deck had an ace, which is similar to the one in your deck, and the same goes for the joker. The Russell, Morgan & Co initially started in 1881 with two separate 303 decks for Navy and Army. In 1884 it was decided to join these decks together and publish them as 303 Army & Navy. One of the reasons was to cut costs,
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