1920s? German plate camera by F Deckel, Schneider Xenar f4.5, full outfit.

Hello - here is the second camera I have listed this week. Both are from an old collection, and apart from the basics are untested, as I wouldn't know where to start, especially with this one.

It is sold for repair. It would make a very nice project for an enthusiast as it is a complete kit with an excellent condition hard leather case lined with green velvet. The lens, according to the internet, was a very good one of its time, 'Jos Schneider, Kreuznach, Xenar, f4.5 10.5cm (105mm). I would guess from the 1920s

Cosmetically the whole outfit is in very good condition, but the only 'not-so-good' bit is that the shutter is stuck open, and would need sorting by someone who knows about these things. If you prime the shutter past the point where it fires and onto the self timer bit, the self timer does work.

This is a small plate camera, its size when folded is 5 x 3.75" and 2" thick with the plate holder it has in it. It has the FD logo on the right side of the shutter, which apparently was the Deckel camera company logo, before they merged with companies Nagel and I believe German Kodak as well, or so I read on the net.

There are four separate plate holders. all in good condition and all seem to have different functions. They all fit the camera but have different-shaped backs. There is also a push
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