Buyer pays $8.50 for professional packing and insured shipping. ( That is for U.S. only . Elsew in the known Universe - request quote.)

I guess you could say she's "wearing" a long, flowing gown, but if she is she's only barely wearing it. From the waist up, she's . . . well . . . she's nekked as a jaybird! What ever!

Height = Nearly 9" - She's made of metal with a pearly painted finish with a few minor surface losses - nothing really unsightly.

The sculptor certainly captured her struggle to hold the heavy tray, don't you think? Please notice a couple things in the image above. First: T is a decal in the bottom of the bowl. It advertises a Cincinnati automotive business (now defunct). The other thing to notice is that t are paint losses on her breasts, which makes sense. Put a statue on the counter at a parts garage and every guy who walks in will be compelled to give her a little rub. (It's perfectly natural - a genetic thing.)

"The Tri-State Ignition, Inc. - 8th and Broadway, Main 3370
Cincinnati, Ohio - Sales and Service
Carburator and Ignition Specialists"

at 341, I have two "Prime Directives:"
First: I never, under any circumstances, use a reserve, and everything starts at $9, sometimes even less.
Second: I don't clean, repair, or otherwise monkey around with anything.

OK - I've seen gowns with a slit in the side before. I'm not THAT isolated out ! However, that slit seems a bit extreme, going all the way up to "all the way up."

Not only is the original felt bottom still in fine condition, it even retains the original foil label.

"Genuine GREIST Product"
I'll bet it is very, very rare to find a pristine label still attached.

I think we're lucky she was put on display at an automotive business. Nobody has ever used her for burning incense, which would have stained the tray. Except for the paint losses noted, she's in wonderful condition.

Coming or going - she's a svelte beauty! You'll be thrilled!


Buyer pays $8.50 for professional packing and insured shipping. (That is for U.S. only . Elsew in the known Universe - request quote.)

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