1920s INDIAN Card V118 TRUE EAGLE Missouria Tribe GANONG CHOCOLATE Allen Ginter

This rare card is one in a series of 50 cards issu ed in Canada by the GANONG BROS . LIMITED of St.Stephan New Brunswick Canada . One was insert ed into each package of their BIG CHIEF Chocolate Bars. They are list ed as V118 in Burdick’s American Card Catalogue, they are entitl ed “ BIG CHIEF SERIES ”. Although no guide that I know of provides an actual date of issu ed I have always assum ed that it is some time around the late 1920’s era Each card features a picture of an Native American Indian Chief. The images us ed are the same as the ones us ed by the Allen & Ginter Company in their 1888 N2 Indian Chiefs Series. (Apparently they were bas ed on paintings hous ed in the Library of Congress in the U.S. ), The back provides information on how to play the game of “Indian” using the cards, and has advertising written in both French & English For Ganong. Burdick mistakenly mentions that their were blank back versions of this series in his American Card Catalogue. In fact the blank back ed versions of these cards were not issu ed by Ganong, but instead were a premium given away by the Canadian Chewing Gum Company in exchange for the V253 Green Jacket Gum Wrapper Indian Chief Issue (they are mention ed on the wrappers as a mail away premium) This card is number 50 in the series, and features and image of a TRUE EAGLE of

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