This 1920's book is a must have manual for anyone who wants to learn or who works on antique automobile magnetos. This book measures 8" by 10 1/2" and has 55 pages of diagrams, illustrations and text. Item is in very good condition. Listed is what is covered in this manual. A B C Of Magneto Ignition Systems. Describing The Transformer Coil System. Action Of Inductor Magneto. Features Of Remy Inductor Magneto. How Inductor Magneto Is Wired. Outlining Features Of Splitdorf Magneto. Operation Of Splitdorf Magneto. Describing Eisemann Transformer System. How Battery Ignition Group Is Wired. Defining Features of Connecticut Magneto. Typical Double Ignition System. Describing Pfanstiehl Ignition System. Pittsfield Magneto Distinctive Design. Wiring Pittsfield Double Ignition System. Bosch True High Tension Magneto. Bosch DU4 Magneto. Function of Safety Spark Gap. Outlining Construction of U and H Magneto. Features Of Bosch Duplex Systems. Features Of Unconventional Mea Magneto. Volta High Tension Magneto. Eisemann High Tension Magneto. Construction Of Simms Magneto. Construction of Herz Arc Flame Magneto. Bosch Dual Systems. U and H Double Armature Magneto. K-W High Tension Magneto. Eisemann Type E M Magneto. Remy Model R D Magneto. Model B Splitdorf Magneto. Adjusting Points. Complete Magneto Maintenance. High bidder to pay $3.50 shipping. ... read more