1920s Rodeo Round-Up Cowgirl Florence Randolph Photo

Unknown - Ruth Roach - Florence Hughes Randolph - Mabel Strickland - Bonnie Gray - Fox Hastings - Bea Kirnan and Toots Griffith
Oaklahoma Cowgirl and Ten time World Champion Cowgirl Trick Rider and World Champion Bronc Rider, Florence Hughes Randolph made more than 500 rodeo appearances - bronc riding, trick roping, trick riding and roman riding. A petite woman, Randolph was 13 before she learned to ride a horse and taught herself stunt riding. She worked in wild west shows, raced motorcycles, doubled for movie stars and produced her own Wild West show, "Princess Mohawk's Wild West Hippodrome."
are the Cowgirls of the Triangle Ranch Rodeo,Unknown, Ruth Roach, Florence Hughes Randolph, Mabel Strickland, Bonnie Gray, Fox Hastings, Bea Kirnan, and Toots Griffith. Since the late 1800's, Women have been involved in Rodeos and Ranches. Originally starting with Wild West Shows like Buffalo Bill's, Pawnee Bill's and the 101 Ranch, they participated in bareback riding, bull riding, roping and racing ect... is a Fabulous Photograph from that Glorious Rodeo Era.
This Rare Image is a NEW 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH, Reprinted from an Old Photograph and Developed at a Photo Lab on Photographic Paper. Photograph will be mailed in a Clear Stiff Plastic Toploader and placed inside a Stiff High Quality Photo Mailer. If you Purchase more than one
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