1920s Winchester Advertising Envelope Great Graphics

1920s Winchester Advertising Envelope Great Graphics

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Click On The Photo For More Photos !!! is a wonderful WINCHESTER envelope advertising Winchester products available from the Indian Store in Greenville Maine at the head of Moosehead Lake. This store is world famous and a destination for most northern travelers seeking to reach Moosehead Lake and beyond. This envelope has it all. Fantastic graphics and super content it has graphics of Shotguns, Hunting knife, Gun Grease, Gun Oil, Cutaway images of Shotgun Shells, wooden lure and the Winchester Address. Please check out the photos I have provided, I had a hard time under bright artificial lights with a few photos. The envelope is from the 1920s and measures 9.5 x 4.25 inches. The envelope has nice even aging and patina, it is in excellent condition. It is light tan with a light sepia printing. It has a stamped name and address on the extreme right side this was pre zip code, just name town and state, in Maine every body knew every body even the mail man, t are also some pencil marks. I assume this envelope was intended for a mailing from the store but not mailed out as it is unused. Very good new old stock condition. A wonderful addition to any Winchester collection. [994]

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