Large 6.5" x 8.5" Original Antique Glass Plate Negative

Image Description : Beautiful detail in this view of group of men looking like they are getting into trouble as they take a very sharp turn in this 1921 "Cole" automobile as it makes it's way down a winding road. Unidentified Observatory visible on mountain in background.

See additional scan for additional closeup detail and please see my other antique negatives listed at auction this week.

Photographer : Not identified.

Date of Creation: 1921 based on car license plate visible in previous image of the same vehicle also listed for sale this week.

Size: 6.5" x 8.5"

Condition : Excellent condition except for some light scratches on the emulsion side of the glass surface. No cracks or chips.

This is an original antique glass plate negative. The listing is for purchase of the negative only. A scanned positive image of the negative has been provided for detail viewing. The image shown represents a extremely low resolution scan which is too small produce a reasonable copy. To protect the rights of the purchaser of this old negative, no prints have been or ever will be produced by the seller. Upon request, the seller will provide an emailed copy of this scan to the winning buyer only.

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