1921-D EF Morgan Dollar

1921-D EF-40 Morgan Dollar is a great looking 1921-D EF-40 Morgan Dollar . This coin only has the slightest signs of circulation. Take a look at it and decide if you would like this coin for your collection. Remember, at Cherokee Coins & Stamps , you are protected with a no-hassle 7 day refund policy *. This is an excellent coin to add to your collection, today! CHEROKEE COIN'S TERMS & CONDITIONS-PLEASE READ What a wonderful investment with most USA coins averaging a good 15%-20% increase in value every 5-10 years! Please feel free to Contact Us regarding this coin, I will answer any questions you may have. Don't forget to look at all the great offers I have on coins in my store, just follow the links above, to your favorite Cherokee Coins page!!! Thank you, and have a nice day! I will allow a no-hassle , money back refund of items purchase price (not including S&H/I charges), if item is returned (post marked) with in 7 days of the sale date. If t is an error made by me (such as wrong coin shipped, or accidentally represented the coin with the wrong photograph), I will issue a full 100% money back refund, including all your S&H fees ! I have graded all coins to the best of my ability, and according to A.N.A. Standards, and believe them
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