1921 Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Masonic Book 2 Volumes

Up for bid are two beautiful books, 1921 Volume I & II of the Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry.


FRONT : The hardcover is made of a leather material, engraved with a beautiful detailed and lightly colored border on the covers. In the center of each cover, t is a gold engraved round picture/insignia that reads "The Masonic History Company Light is Knowledge"

SIDE: The side binding has the title, authors, triangle with wheat insignia and reads "Volume I A - L" or "Volume II M - Z" Both books covers are used and a little worn around the binding.

ALL PAGES: Edged in gold.

BACK: Same engraved border as the front, but without any color.

Both books have exceptionally clean pages with clear, beautiful type print . The illustrations that are in color are bright and vibrant - excellent condition .


FIRST PAGE: Blank with a handwritten note that says "To Phil Schnaeke/Schnaecke (Im not sure which) From C.S. Lake".

SECOND PAGE: Photo of Albert G. Mackey, MD and author. It is signed below " Yours paternally Albert G Mackey " This signature has not been authenticated, could be an original or a reproduction - I do not know. Feel free to ask any questions.

THIRD PAGE: The title page and Volume I reads the following:

(some words have
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