Rare 1921 Houston Texas Black Buffaloes CHAMPIONS Mini Baseball Bat TX Colored

Rare 1921
Houston Texas Black Buffaloes
7" Souvenir Mini Baseball Bat
with mailing tag!
Texas Colored League
Ships Worldwide
Estate sale find. WOW, I can't think of anything rarer in Texas baseball history than a souvenir item
from the 1921 Texas Colored League World Series.
The TCL was a Negro baseball league organized in 1919 and lasted until 1926.
The league did not play a schedule in 1922 and was considered a minor league.
The Buffaloes only won the championship one time... that year they played 44 games and won 29 of them.
Note the postage cost of 1-1/2 cents quoted on the still attached mailing tag.
The bat could have been sold in the 1923 season, as there was no 1922 season.
No Houston baseball team won another championship until the 1990s, when the Astros finally won one.
No Houston team had won any baseball championship before the Buffaloes (that includes university or
other amateur team). It would not be unusual for a TCL souvenir to not have a team name on it!
I stand behind my assessment of this item as a Black Buffaloes item!
You won't find another a rtifact from the Buffaloes, they are rarer than hen's teeth... SNAP this one up!
It's an incredible collectible!!!!!
See large pictures below as they are the main description of this
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