1921-S Morgan 90% Silver Dollar Ships Free. Buy 3 get xtra Silver Coin. NR

FREE BARCODE TRACING OR TRACKING ON ALL SHIPMENTS We use the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) tracing program. Since there is no consumer interface to the IMB system, we will send e-mail updates for your shipment based on a daily report the USPS sends us.
You get the exact coin in the photos The camera is directly over the coin with the light shining low from the left.
Free silver coins or cash back on combined payment transactions. Buy any three coins in a single combined payment transaction, and get EITHER a free 35% silver war nickel OR a dollar off. Buy any five items in a single combined payment transaction, to get EITHER $2 off OR a free silver dime. Ebay automatically discounts combined invoices based on the number of Buy it Now items. For Auction items or orders of mixed Buy it Now and Auction itmes, we mail you the right number of free coins based on number of items ebay did not discount. If you prefer dollar bills instead of free coins, just e-mail us before we ship.