1921 $1 Peace Dollar

1921 Peace Silver Dollars

The 1921 Peace Dollar was the first year of issue for the new series of silver dollars. This also represented the only issue that was struck in high relief. Slightly more than one million coins were produced at the Philadelphia Mint during the period from December 28 to December 31, 1921. The coins would be released into circulation early in the following year.

In production, the high relief made the coin difficult to strike and caused excessive die breakage. The Mint adjusted procedures and began to strike the coins at lower pressure, which preserved the dies and allowed them to be used longer. Although the production problems were solved, this adjustment resulted in the most 1921 Peace Dollars being weakly struck. The vast majority of coins encountered will exhibit a lack of detail at the centers, apparent at the hair near Liberty’s ear and the feathers on the eagle’s chest.

Collectors seeking to add this coin to their collection might want to exercise patience and wait for a fully struck example to come along. Although these pieces are in the distinct minority and clearly much more beautiful, they often sell without a premium to average or weakly struck examples.

Type: Peace Dollar
Year: 1921
Mint Mark: No mint mark
Face Value: 1.00 USD
Total Produced: 1,006,000

Additional Info: 1921 was the first year that the Silver Peace dollar was minted. These coins are rare, and we would love to get our hands on one. With just a hair over 1 million minted, and the fact that this is the first year they were issued, these coins are rare and important pieces of coin history. The Morgan Dollar was also issued in 1921 so there is a overlap.

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