1921-S Walking Silver Half Dollar **MAJOR KEY DATE "BETTER GRADE

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I strive to sell the best coins I can on eBay and to take the best pictures I can of every coin, roll and jar that I sell. I am bring all kinds of asspects to ebay! I am not only selling my own collection of coins as I am also selling coins, rolls, jars and lots from which I buy all around the country. I love what I do and I hope you enjoy my service! if you are looking for any type of Coin, Jar or Roll you will always be able to find it in here.

• Classic Liberty $2.5 Gold-Indian, $2.5 Gold, Liberty Five Dollar Gold, Indian Five Dollar Gold, Liberty Ten Dollar Gold, Indian Ten Dollar Gold, Liberty $20 Gold-Twenty Dollar St. Gaudens

• Half Cents, Large Cents, Flying Cents, Indian Heads, Lincoln Pennies

• Two Cents

• Three Cent Silver, Three Cent Nickel

• Shield Nickel, Liberty "V" Nickels, Buffalo Nickel, War Nickels

• 20 Cent Pieces

• Bust Half Dimes, Seated Half Dimes

• Bust Dimes, Seated Liberty Dimes,
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